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We provide well shaped fresh and organic meat from our farm in a very hygienic way.

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Veal Entrecote

Making delicious steak or any other recipe we provide best veal entrecote meat.

Beef Tenderloin

Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Rub we provide it broadway.

Beef Ribs

We provide beef ribs on our own farms. If it is difficult due to hard demand.


Top Quality Halal Meat

We supply fresh, top quality meat that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone's taste. We are a family business and deeply care about our customers' level of satisfaction with our products and services. Please, do come and visit us to personally check the high quality of our products. We will be more than happy to advise you on the choice of products that best suit your taste and cooking preferences. All our products are halal certified, for your ease of mind.

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Halal Meat Shop Perth


Who We Are:

Top Quality Halal Meats is a family run business of specialty halal meat provider in Thornlie WA. Our halal meat shop is a local favourite as we strive to provide fresh, organic, and highest quality meat and cold cuts. We are a specialty halal butcher shop, and we seek to serve the best halal meat to our community. Our goal is to establish a competitive independent butcher shop to provide a vast range of products under a single roof, which you will be unable to find in groceries store pre-packaged products. 

Meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of our community. We are committed to delivering Halal, Fresh, Organic and Quality meat, processed in a hygienic environment and according to tenets of Islamic principles. Our finest cuts skillfully carved by expert butchers to bring you a premium eating experience. We aim to build special and trusted relations with our customer as the best meat suppliers understanding the craft of butchering. 

We create halal meat products that are Grass fed and safe to consume and are hormone and Bacteria free. We want our customers to experience natural hygiene products for their family, as healthy ingredients are vital in supporting physical health, immune system, brain, and metabolic functions.

We guarantee you that our organic meat Perth is the finest quality meat slaughtered and handled by the expert halal butcher in a clean and hygienic setting.

What We Do:

We are a specialty butcher shop that serves premium quality meats cut as per our customer requirements. Our practices are in harmony with the ethics of halal slaughtering rules. It is not permissible to slaughter sick animals. An animal is needed to be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter. Therefore, halal slaughter great emphasis is put on rearing animals in sanitary, clean, and disease-free environments. 

We also believe in the humane treatment of animals. Our methods are increasingly ethical and avoid the use of antibiotics and other additives. It is a prerequisite of halal slaughter that the carcass is drained of blood. The depleted blood removes bacteria and renders better, fresher, and tender meat. The total elimination of blood enhances the flavour of meat, makes it tender and it stays fresh for long.

Halal Certified:

Halal meat is a vital feature of the Muslim faith and the practices of traditional Islamic slaughter are considered humane. The word Halal exactly means “permissible”. 

The Islamic practice of slaughtering an animal for consumption is called zabiha. Reciting “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah), a one-line blessing called the Tasmiyah is a prerequisite for Halal Butchers.

A Halal certified product means that the meat is from an acceptable source such as chicken, lamb or cow and slaughtered in agreement with the Islamic prescribed method. 

Our specialty halal meat shop is certified by Western Australia Halal Authority. Organic meat Perth fulfils the relevant standards, entitling us to label our food as “Halal Certified”. with the relevant certification trademark, we can freely market our halal meat brand. 

Our Products:

We offer a wide variety of meat cuts and related products. Our halal-certified food outlet deals in 100 different organic meat Perth products and is a local favourite halal meat shop. Customers can choose from a variety of Fresh, premium quality, expert halal meat cuts, prime beef, mutton, chicken, veal entrecote meat and beef tenderloin. 

Whether you want to grill a perfect, delicious T-bone, porterhouse steaks or finest BBQ rub. The Top-Quality Halal Meats has got everyone covered. Our own farmed raised, delicately carved Beef Ribs is the most sought-after halal meat product. Our supreme quality halal meat products will give you an extraordinary premium eating experience. All the meat products are Halal, Organic, Hygienic, aimed to satisfy your diverse gastronomic appetites. 

Maintaining and delivering the highest quality premium halal meat is paramount to us. Our products are now a click away, as you can enjoy our premium meat products anytime at home through our online delivery service. We guarantee a quality delivery service to make sure our customers enjoy a fresh and excellent product from farm to door.

Expert Halal Butcher:

We currently have an outstanding team of 250 certified halal butchers. Our Meat Experts offer wholesome, fresh and finely trimmed meat. We are committed to health, safety and environmental (HSE) practices and these values are instilled in all our expert halal butchers. Our meat experts’ halal handled meat hygienically giving you the best premium meat trimmings and finest cuts.

Our team of expert halal butchers’ top-most priority is food safety, ethics of Halal food and safe and hygienic processing of halal meat. Providing a fresh, healthy, and sustainable halal product to our customers, business partners and community at large is an integral part of our business motto.

Quality Assurance

A rigorous quality assurance program has been crafted for extensive food safety policy. We keep our meat well preserved in chillers at 1°C Temperature to ensure freshness and protection from contamination and dust. Our halal meat and lamb pieces assure eco-friendly and healthy meat that is reasonably priced and can be conveniently delivered. Our products are.

  • Hormone free
  • Bacteria free
  • Medically checked
  • Grass fed
  • Temperature control
  • Fresh and Tender
  • Finest Hygienic cuts
  • From store to door Service